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Our non-Dewey catalog system

Why did we decide to go non-Dewey?

How many library patrons know the Dewey system?

Is the Dewey decimal system user friendly?

What do those numbers mean?

How many feet do you walk before you forget the call number?

The Dewey decimal system is 136 years old.  We thought it was time for something new in our renovated building!

We wanted a system that was user friendly, easy to use with logical subjects and topics

We divided our collection into different Topic areas and color coded them:

Body & Soul is neon pink and includes beauty, health, religion, philosophy, new age, psychology, and self-help

Home is light pink and contains cooking, entertaining, crafts, gardening, decorating, and more

Arts & Literature is light green and includes art, architecture, music, movies, drama, poetry, essays, criticism, and more

Travel is yellow

Sports & Recreation is dark green and includes sports, games, trivia, and more

Science, Nature and Technology is orange and includes animals, pets, environment, computers, transportation, and more

Business & Education is light blue and includes business, job hunting, law, real estate, college directories, test-prep, and more

Political & Social Science is neon green and includes politics, government, civil rights, true crime, and much more

Biography & History is gray

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